Hash oil

What is hash oil and how do I get it?

Obviously, this is not quite the same as cannabis oil or THC oil. The main difference between hash oil and these other forms of oil is that the goal of hash oil is often to get as stoned as possible from it. It is used by the recreational user. This is in contrast to most users of cannabis oil or THC oil, who are looking more for this type of oil for wellness purposes.

Hash oil has the following characteristics:

Mostly produced with butane gas: It is often obtained by using butane gas. It can be done without. However, it is often chosen to do this with butane gas, to make it as strong a remedy as possible. In view of the aforementioned end user, this produces the most positive effects.
⦁ Pure: In addition, hash oil is very pure. It looks clean. This is in contrast to cannabis oil, for example, which has a much cloudier look. The comparison often made is that hash oil resembles honey. Weed oil is more like some darker syrup.
⦁ Higher CBD concentration: Furthermore, it has a relatively high CBD concentration. This is so because hashish is usually extracted from wild cannabis plants. These grow in Morocco and are naturally richer in CBD.
Buy hash oil?
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