Weed buying legislation in Belgium

Buying weed in Belgium and the legislation around it.

in countries such as Belgium it is not allowed to sell weed online or on the street.
Also the wearing of weed is forbidden but sometime in 2003 that has changed.
Possession of quantities of weed for use has been decriminalised.
Whether that’s weed bought online or weed bought on the street.
This means that as long as you carry quantities of 3 grams or below you or buy online is not punishable.
Also, the user and or owner of the weed must not cause a nuisance and must continue to comply with the law.
Residents of Belgium are allowed to use medicinal weed both online and from the pharmacist.
However, the rule is that it may be a maximum of one product: Sativex, a mouth spray for multiple sclerosis.


Bruxelles and his buyers

Bruxelles-Brussels has 11,620,000 inhabitants.
So you can understand that there are a lot of CBD and THC containing products being purchased online and on the street.
However, more and more people tend to sell their weed online.
This is because it is safer to buy weed online.
Buying weed online also brings many benefits.
-one is less likely to be ripped
-people are less likely to find themselves in violent situations when buying online
-one saves a lot of time buying weed online
-people are less likely to buy contaminated weed when buying online

All in all reason to buy your weed online through:


Can you sell weed online in Belgium?

In Belgium it is illegal to sell weed.
A fine or imprisonment can be imposed for selling weed.
It is therefore wise to buy weed from a Dutch online store.
A good example of his store is
This is an online provider that sells pure weed.
Completely free of chemicals.
In the Netherlands, weed is just legal to sell.
This is also legal online.
The subject remains difficult at times.

in 1998 it was said that people who offer weed for sale should be given a less severe punishment when they do so in order to finance their own use.
At that time you had no online web shops for weed so everything was sold on the street or in Cafes.

Another law was introduced in 2003.
One where the sale of weed was placed in different categories:

Category 1 – importing, owning and growing weed for personal use,
Category 2 – violating the first category in a aggravated circumstance
Category 3 – any other violation of the law (including tougher means)

It is allowed to grow weed in Belgium yourself.

In modern regulations it is allowed to grow one plant in-house.
In Belgium, weed growing is ‘endemic’
Many people grow a weed plant at home.
I would save yourself the trouble and buy professionally grown weed from the Netherlands in an online coffee shop.
It is and remains a grey area.
Growing more than one pot plant is illegal.
Nowadays you can order weed seeds online on various websites.

Is CBD weed allowed in Belgium?

offering for sale online and buying CBD products is prohibited according to the Belgian code.
All products containing weed are illegal by law.
Even if there’s less than 0.2 THC in that weed.
But there are still online stores that still supply CBD weed.
Remember that under 3 grams is tolerated for your own use.
Whether you get it online or on the street.


Is it allowed to import cannabis seeds to Belgium?

The purchase of weed seeds is permitted in Belgium and the code therefore does not disapprove of the cultivation of one female cannabis plant.
It is forbidden to grow more than one and you should not allow seeds to function as a food for plants.
This is in line with the rules of the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain.
You can visit their website if you want to find more information about the Safety of the Food Chain online.


Medical use of weed in Belgium.

In 2015, a royal decree was signed by the Minister of Health.
As a result, the provision of medicinal weed was no longer illegal.
The decision to allow Medical weed was embraced by the Belgians for its progressiveness.
The law only allowed one product.
That was a mouth spray for MS patients called Sativex.
This helped MS patients significantly.
There are also website that offer medicinal weed online.
In the years that followed, numerous organizations in Belgium have called for more medicinal weed products.
This is because a lot of patients are excluded who can really benefit from the use of medicinal weed.
We at stand for this, too.
We believe that everyone should have access to clean pure weed.
We also believe that this should be easily available online for those over the age of 18 who want to do so.
So do the people who need pain relief.


Industrial weed in Belgium

The use of weed for industrial purposes is permitted in accordance with EU regulation 1307/2013.
Weed isn’t just for smoking.
A durable form of paper, building material, degradable plastic and textiles can be produced from it.
Thanks to the hemp/weed industry, many companies experience success thanks to the industrial application of cannabis

political parties and weed in Belgium

The government in Belgium has received a lot of criticism because of its sometimes too “liberal” attitude towards weed policy.
Figures show that the number of young people and users in general has increased.
There is also a steiging in the figures when psychiatric admissions or admissions to rehabilitation centres by abusing weed.
People often buy weed from the street.
It is much better to buy weed online on a confidential weed site grown by confidential growers.
The growers of thcspecialist have years of experience.
Their weed has also been tested in the laboratory.

Many people are in favour of the legalization of weed.
If one can get it out of illegality, the government can make money from it.
They could also sell that online on a government website.
Less police is needed to combat illegal pot cultivation.

Useful facts about Belgium

Should you ever travel to Belgium, it is best to read this cup:
You can also find a lot about regulation online on the Internet.

Weed is most commonly seized of all drugs.
Therefore, be sensible and buy it online.

Many plantations are discovered in Belgium, so growers sometimes grow hastily and unsafely.
As a result, no pure product enters the market.
Be smart and buy your weed online

Recent research has shown that in Antwerp one in 7 14- and 17-year-olds and in Wallonia one in 7 has ever smoked a weed cigarette.
It is currently extremely popular among the young.
Although it is illegal to see technies but still kind of tolerated, it is wise to never have more than 3 grams of weed in your pocket.
Should you ever be stopped, it will be under your own use.
All a cop can do is confiscate that weed of yours.

Other tidbits about weed.

Many people in Belgium have tried weed at least once in their lives.
Also, there are a lot of people who prefer to buy it online because of safety and quality.
The government doesn’t make too much of a fuss about people smoking weed in their own homes.
If you decide to smoke weed near a school, you could be prosecuted by the state again.

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