American and Dutch Amnesia Haze weed

Whereas novice smokers do not yet care so much what kind of cannabis strain they smoke, experienced connoisseurs will have a preference. There are many weed varieties and each one can produce a different effect.

From a psychedelic high to an energetic or just relaxed and stoned feeling; it depends entirely on the substances in the cannabis plant. The taste and smell are also different with different weed varieties. From a fruity sweet flavor to an earthy spice flavor; you will encounter it all. In this article we want to introduce you to one of the best strains – Amnesia haze.

Example: Amnesia Haze

Amnesia haze is a very well-known cannabis strain. Especially in the Netherlands, this cannabis strain is well known. This is a great example to demonstrate the difference between Spanish, American and Dutch weed. Amnesia haze is said to have been first grown in California in the 1970s. This cannabis strain comes from a strain of haze genetics combined with cannabis strains from several other countries. The high thc content is striking. The amnesia haze is now grown in several countries. Also if you want to grow your own weed, you can buy amnesia haze seeds.

Amnesia Haze Seeds

Before we dive into the differences between Spanish, American and Dutch weed, it’s good to know a little more about growing. The amnesia haze from the example does well in a warm climate. It has a long flowering period and is a sensitive plant. Because of Dutch summers that can be variable, you can expect lower yields than if you grow in a warmer country or indoors. One exception is autoflower seeds.

Amnesia Haze Automatic

Amnesia haze seeds and amnesia haze autoflower are different strains. The autoflower flowering time is shorter because the plant flowers as soon as it has grown enough. The flowering time becomes shorter. For cultivation, this is ideal because it produces more yield in a shorter time. Moreover, a short flowering time when growing outdoors means that you are less dependent on a long period of full sun. For indoor cultivation, this gives a faster harvest and lower energy costs.

Amnesia Haze Plants

What growers need to know is that amnesia haze plants are sensitive. When growing indoors, adequate ventilation is important. In both outdoor and indoor growing, prune away enough leaves so that light can reach the lower buds.

amnesia haze plants

Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is one of the best-known developers and sellers of cannabis seeds. They carry the most popular strains and they develop new cannabis varieties. The seeds are feminized, so there is little chance of male plants. They indicate whether a cannabis strain is for beginners or experienced growers.

The difference between Spanish, American and Dutch weed

You already know a lot more about weed varieties, growing, flowering and yield. In addition to climate, regulations play a role in why a grower chooses other countries. You come across weed grown in America, Spain or Morocco, for example, in Dutch coffee shops.

If you are used to Nederwiet, weed from other countries may give you a scare. American weed, from California can be very strong. The same goes for Spanish weed. You read about experiences of California weed that it is quite hard and compact. Spanish weed is less compact. Dutch weed is not always well-dried. This has to do with the fact that most Dutch weed is in coffee shops relatively soon after harvest. Moreover, letting it dry longer is not always necessary, as it is often smoked quickly anyway.

Location of cultivation is somewhat different from the origin of a strain

The original amnesia haze was developed in America California. Still, this strain became popular in Amsterdam. What this means is that sometimes a hybrid is discovered in one place in the world, but its popularity arises elsewhere. The flavors and aromas are created in part by the terpene profile.

Terpenes Profile

Terpenes in a strain consist of oils and compounds. The terpene profile and quantity of terpenes will depend on the genetics of the plant, as well as the environment where it is grown. There can be differences in the terpene profile of a cannabis plant from America, ?the Netherlands or Spain. Soil type and nutrition also play a role. Terpenes are different from thc and cbd. However, these substances do enter into a compound. Although not much has been discovered about terpenes, at least less than about thc and cbd, more attention is being paid to them. Partly because of the taste, but also because of the effect.

Theoretically you can’t really name a cannabis strain, the terms sativa and indica coined by the community provide a direction. Self-conceived names such as Blue dream, Amnesia Haze, Green Gelato, El Patron, Fat Banana or, for example, Candy Kush Express give an indication of the taste and effects. Partly these fun names make it attractive to delve deeper. You will see that there is a whole pedigree of strains to be found. You come across the termene haze and amnesia in more than one species. But you also see terms like kush and Skunk listed. In the world of seeds and strains, there is much to discover.

Difference in THC content

Amnesia haze can have a high thc content of 22%! When you look at marijuana or cannabis seeds, the THC content is often indicated. It further indicates whether it is a sativa dominant strain or indica dominant strain. From a sativa-dominant cannabis strain, you can expect more of a high; in other words, you feel exhilarated. The effect of an indica cannabis strain can be considered stoned. It’s hard to get off the couch, so to speak, whereas with sativa weed you could still do active things. The effect of marijuana depends in part on genetics. So under the heading of weed are more species.

Which weed in particular comes from Spain?

Partly because of the climate, Spanish cannabis growers, and California growers for that matter, will be able to grow different strains than the Dutch. Well-known cannabis strains that can be grown in Spain include: Green Gelato, El Patron and OG Kush. To get an idea of new species, look at genetics. For example, Green gelato consists of a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girlscout Cookies. At 27%, the thc content is higher than amnesia haze. And with a maximum yield of 800 grams per plant, you can also talk about high yields. Green Gelato reviews indicate a delicious taste of citrus. A cannabis plant can have different flavors. For example, El patron is more spicy. The spicy taste and smell will be noticeable very quickly. If you are interested, you can read about strains’ properties.

amnesia haze strain

Growing Cannabis

Not all cannabis strains are available at the coffee shop as large buds or as hash. When you want a specific cannabis strain, you may have to look for cannabis seeds of that strain. You can often buy these from Royal Queen Seeds Amsterdam Genetics. They also have products for cultivation for sale. To prevent disease, it is important when growing indoors to control moisture levels. In room with improper temperature or humidity, diseases are more likely to develop. Of course, you can expect lower yields due to disease.

Recreational users

Recreational users will smoke cannabis to experience a mild psychedelic high. If you have no experience, it’s best not to start with a strong cannabis strain such as the popular amnesia haze. Although the amnesia haze plant can give a euphoric high, it does not guarantee it. Always read through the characteristics of cannabis and look at thc and cbd contents.

CBD is the substance that does not lead to a high. You also see this substance in CBD oils and other products. THC is the very substance that does get you high. And remember that a sativa and indica weed both have different effects. Origin is also important. When an American expat brings home weed, it may be different from the Nederwiet you may be used to. An Afghani Hawaiian will also taste different and have different aromas. When you are more experienced, you will be able to recognize this.

Medical Weed and Cannabis Products

In addition to recreational cannabis use, cannabis is used medically. Medical cannabis, also abbreviated as med weed has the purpose of fighting mental or physical symptoms. Did you know that there are special cannabis production companies for this? Whether you will encounter Amnesia haze here, there is no immediate way to tell. But it is an interesting development because it allows more research to be done on the effects of marijuana and the substances present in this fascinating plant.

You now know much more about this subject. When you smell citrus or a pine scent, or find that cannabis has a spicy aroma, you now know that comes from the terpenes. Whether a cannabis strain can make you feel high or stoned can be recalculated by the term sativa or indica. You also now know more about the origins of strains, that is, where a particular cross was developed, and the countries where they are then grown. And that therefore a particular strain of cannabis may have a different smell or taste when it comes from another country.

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