Ice Cream Cookie

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Ice Cream Cookie

Ice Cream Cookies

Ice Cream Cookies

If you’re a fan of Indica-dominant strains, Ice Cream Cookies should be on your list. She is not easily available and has an exotic flavor that really can’t be compared to any other strain! Originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics, this strain now comes from some very special places like dispensaries in California or even here at HomeGrownGoods where we specialize exclusively in high-quality cannabis products

Effects of Ice Cream Cookies

The Ice Cream Cookie strain has effects designed to make you feel relaxed. When you smoke these buds, your body will experience an initial energy boost, as well as some creative powers – perfect for those who want to get their thoughts in order! This uplifting feeling quickly turns into a calming and relaxing feeling without any effort; making it an ideal late consumption when you want something medicinal but not too potent (like THC).

Medical use

Although the effects are still being researched, Ice Cream Cookie’s weed has been proven to help people suffering from depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain. It can also be used by people with eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia because it makes you feel hungry again!

Aroma and Flavor

Little is known about the taste of this weed. She contains prominent terpenes such as caryophyllene, which gives her an earthy flavor profile combined with fruity notes and woody undertones; these make for a sweet smoke you’ll enjoy!

The flavor profile of Ice Cream Cookies is rich and creamy, with an earthy note that harmonizes well with the sweet berry flavor. The buds themselves are quite dense but bright green in color, covered in layers of glamorous trichomes and orange hairs that provide a glistening image to those who view them up close or from afar, depending on their preference – both equally beautiful displays!

Visual Appearance and Growth

Growers report that the buds are fluffy and green in appearance with dark orange hairs.



Medicinal effect:


Reduce chronic pain

Help with chronic fatigue

Side effects

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Ice Cream Cookies Organically Grown only sells organically grown weed, we are against pesticides.
Processed weed or weed involving chemicals are dangerous to public health.
All our products are tested for chemicals and other additives.
In addition, each strain of marijuana is carefully tested for quality.
We can say after 20 years of experience that we can guarantee you the best products!

Ice Cream Cookies cannabis ordering

Ordering Ice Cream Cookies cannabis is very easy on our webshop.

We ship your order discreetly and odorlessly.
Belgian and international customers can also order discreetly.
All our Belgian and international orders are shipped in Belgium.
In just 1 or 2 working days the very best weed at home!
Pay safely by bank transfer, or prefer to pay anonymously with bitcoin!
No experience with bitcoin yet? Contact our service desk.

Lab Tested Weed

We only want to sell 100% quality products to our customers, therefore we have all our products laboratory tested every month.
The laboratory that tests our stuff is registered in California and specializes in testing for THC.
This also ensures that there are never any other chemicals through our products.

Ordering weed

In addition to ordering weed, you can also go for others thc products.
We sell hash , weed , vape and others thc products.
We try to offer high quality thc products as much as possible.
Our team is working in the Netherlands as well as in other countries to find new products!
So you can always try the latest trends on our website.
Are you looking for a great product? let us know.


Quantity : 5 grams, 2 grams, 0.35 joint
Contents : Ice Cream Cookies cannabis indoor
Duration of operation : 3 – 4 hours
Exposure time : 5 – 15 minutes

Additional information


5 g (€87,50), 2 g (€35,00), joint .35 g (€6,50)

83 reviews for Ice Cream Cookie

  1. Dutch

    Anoniem (verified owner)

  2. Dutch

    Romanuel S. (verified owner)


  3. Dutch

    Anoniem (verified owner)

    Top flavour

  4. English

    Anonym (verified owner)

    For some reason my third order never arrived, but the stuff is good if u order only twice lol

  5. Dutch

    Anoniem (verified owner)

  6. Dutch

    Bobby Scholz (verified owner)

  7. English

    Karim Lamhamedi (verified owner)

    Très bonne je recommande

  8. Dutch

    Jacqueline Hessler (verified owner)

  9. Dutch

    Luca M. (verified owner)

  10. Dutch

    Luca M. (verified owner)

  11. Dutch

    Luca M. (verified owner)

  12. Dutch

    Dennis S. (verified owner)

  13. Dutch

    Anonym (verified owner)

  14. Dutch

    Paula (verified owner)

    Esse com certeza um dos meus preferidos, gosto suave mto bom vale a pena

  15. Dutch

    Dennis Schwarz (verified owner)

    Auch gut

  16. Dutch

    Anonyme (verified owner)

    que du bonheur

  17. Dutch

    Emilie van Lerberghe (verified owner)

  18. Dutch

    Sem Huylebroeck (verified owner)

    Heerlijk wietje, verdient zeker een 5 kwa smaak en prijs.

  19. Dutch

    Anoniem (verified owner)

  20. Dutch

    Hans-Christian (verified owner)

    Schöne kompakte,feste mit Harz übersetzen bilderbuch buds mit sehr angenehmen Geruch und Geschmack.rauchst du zu viel geht dein Display aus:)

  21. Dutch

    Anoniem (verified owner)

    niet hetzelfde wanneer foto!
    Maar zeer goede smaak!

  22. French

    Lara (verified owner)

  23. German

    Anonym (verified owner)

    Absolut zu empfehlen,nur ein wenig zu teuer.geschmack u.wirkung einfach hammer!

  24. German

    Nadja (verified owner)

  25. French

    Shémo GRANGEON-MANSUY (verified owner)

    Excellent produit de thc médicinal, je vous le recommande.

  26. Dutch

    Joris D. (verified owner)

  27. French

    Anonyme (verified owner)

  28. Dutch

    Kadir Sen (verified owner)

  29. Dutch

    Jonathan Preem (verified owner)

  30. Dutch

    Anoniem (verified owner)

  31. German

    Markus Götz (verified owner)

  32. Dutch

    Laurence (verified owner)

  33. Dutch

    Christian Auberger (verified owner)

  34. Dutch

    Antonie (verified owner)

  35. Dutch

    Wim T. (verified owner)


  36. Dutch

    logan Clement (verified owner)

    Goût pas super et effet pas tellement présent

  37. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  38. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  39. Dutch

    Antonie (verified owner)

  40. Dutch

    Dominique Lahure (verified owner)

  41. French

    jonathan (verified owner)

    Taste of madness

  42. English

    Joris D. (verified owner)

  43. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  44. Dutch

    Aubin Guichard (verified owner)

  45. Dutch

    Georgios Kourtis (verified owner)

    Not my style

  46. French

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  47. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  48. Dutch

    Serge (verified owner)

  49. Dutch

    Mathias W. (verified owner)

    Sehr gute Qualität. Perfekt

  50. Dutch

    Matthias Eersels (verified owner)

  51. Dutch

    Isabelle (verified owner)

    Sheet and gentle

  52. Dutch

    Shémo Eliane (verified owner)

    Excellent produit de cannabis médical pour toute la journée.

  53. Dutch

    Hans-Christian (verified owner)

    Eigentlich echt mega lecker aber ab und zu ein nicht so reiner bud mit leichtem funkeneffekt.deshalb nur 4 von 5

  54. Dutch

    Olaf K. (verified owner)

    Lecker lecker

  55. Dutch

    Samira (verified owner)

    Very good!

  56. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Qualität sprunghaft

  57. German

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolut lecker!

  58. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    wow, this strain gives you a nice stoned. It feels very comfortable and is ideal for switching off. The taste really resembles a cookie, very tasty. This shop is loyal and authentic, I can recommend it.

  59. Dutch

    Kazem (verified owner)


  60. Dutch

    Pieric Declercq (verified owner)

    Vraiment très bonne , livraison rapide , je recommande à mort 🍁

  61. Dutch

    Melissa Ista (verified owner)

    Excellent !

  62. German

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    good quick service, great product,

  63. Dutch

    Felicien (verified owner)

    Tout simplement MA WEED PRÉFÉRÉE. Je vais en prendre à chaque fois c’est clair. Je vous la recommande !

    Concernant la livraison vers la France, il y a des avis qui font peur mais pour moi c’est du 5 sur 5 commandes reçues. Je pense que les Postes font des erreurs, mais THCSpecialist est réglo.

  64. Dutch

    Daniel (verified owner)

    It is one of the best sorts i have smoked. And i have smoked 20 years on a daily basis, california weed included. Little pricey, i get good haze for 8€/g so icant afford these almost 20€ prices often, but every now and then i love it 🤤

  65. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Qualité +++++ Odeur, goût, effet.
    Produit au top.

  66. German

    Dee (verified owner)

    Sehr starkes und leckeres Kush/GSC. My actual favorite 👌

  67. Dutch

    Andreas Reiz (verified owner)


  68. Dutch

    Louis (verified owner)

    Very nice, but I think the price should be a little less for the quality I got

  69. Dutch

    Slimane (verified owner)

    One of the Best, very very creamly youhou

  70. French

    slimane (verified owner)

    ..Une Herbe Juste REVOLUTIONAIRE Vraiment Bon Ici.. 9.5/10 !

  71. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Has a nice all around sweet taste and helps you relax at the end of the day.

  72. Dutch

    Gillian (verified owner)

    pricey but top quality!!

  73. Dutch

    cedric (verified owner)

    Nice flavour, good taste and good quality!!

  74. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  75. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  76. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  77. Dutch

    Axel (verified owner)

    C’est de la cookie, un goût fort, des effets forts… les insomniaques trouveront le sommeil.

  78. Dutch

    Kevin (verified owner)

    Very good

  79. Dutch


    Very good stuff

  80. English

    Micha (verified owner)


  81. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Zum ersten Mal geraucht und bin begeistert!

  82. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  83. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)


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