Blue Elephant

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blue elephant weed

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant is a hybrid strain; its only known parent is Elephant Bud. It originates from: United States. It can taste fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, piney. When smoked, this strain can give you a feeling of euphoria, creativity, calmness, numbness, increase in appetite, and pain relief. Negative side effects may include mild anxiety and mild dry mouth.




Medicinal effect:

chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, and headaches or migraines.

Side effects

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Blue Elephant organically grown only sells organically grown weed, we are against pesticides.
Processed weed or weed involving chemicals are dangerous to public health.
All our products are tested for chemicals and other additives.
In addition, each strain of marijuana is carefully tested for quality.
We can say after 20 years of experience that we can guarantee you the best products!

Ordering Blue Elephant cannabis

Ordering Blue Elephant cannabis is very easy on our webshop.

We ship your order discreetly and odorlessly.
Belgian and international customers can also order discreetly.
All our Belgian and international orders are shipped in Belgium.
In just 1 or 2 working days the very best weed at home!
Pay safely by bank transfer, or prefer to pay anonymously with bitcoin!
No experience with bitcoin yet? Contact our service desk.

Lab Tested Weed

We only want to sell 100% quality products to our customers, therefore we have all our products laboratory tested every month.
The laboratory that tests our stuff is registered in California and specializes in testing for THC.
This also ensures that there are never any other chemicals through our products.

Ordering weed

In addition to ordering weed, you can also go for others thc products.
We sell hash , weed , vape and others thc products.
We try to offer high quality thc products as much as possible.
Our team is working in the Netherlands as well as in other countries to find new products!
So you can always try the latest trends on our website.
Are you looking for a great product? let us know.


Number : 5 grams, 2 grams, joint
Contents : Blue Elephant cannabis indoor
Duration of operation : 3 – 4 hours
Exposure time : 5 – 15 minutes

Additional information


5 g (€80,00), 2 g (€32,00), joint .35 g (€6,50)

71 reviews for Blue Elephant

  1. Dutch

    Anoniem (verified owner)

  2. Dutch

    Vivekanand Doebar (verified owner)

    It was allright, not really what i had expected but ok

  3. Dutch

    Roman (verified owner)

  4. English

    michele s. (verified owner)


  5. Dutch

    Anonyme (verified owner)

    Top quality

  6. English

    Anoniem (verified owner)

    The best

  7. English

    Robert (verified owner)


  8. Dutch

    Younes Sinbat (verified owner)

  9. Dutch

    Anoniem (verified owner)

    De beste

  10. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  11. Dutch

    Dennis Schwarz (verified owner)

  12. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    if you like Gelato 33, you would like this one too,
    extraordinary strain, and very pleasant, excellent for an evening after work/school and enjoying the sunset on your balcony.

  13. Dutch

    Anoniem (verified owner)

  14. Dutch

    Anoniem (verified owner)

  15. Dutch

    Denis Willner (verified owner)

  16. Dutch

    Jean baptiste (verified owner)

  17. Dutch

    Greg Van Vlasselaer (verified owner)

  18. Dutch

    Luca M. (verified owner)

  19. Dutch

    Jean-Pierre (verified owner)

  20. Dutch

    Laurence Leyvraz (verified owner)

  21. Dutch

    Christophe Landrin (verified owner)

  22. Dutch

    Thierry (verified owner)

    Very good, subtil and tasty

  23. Dutch

    Anoniem (verified owner)

    Voor mij persoonlijk is deze de Blue Elephant hun beste soort weed van ze allemaal!!!!! Zou alleen graag is sour diesel willen bestellen voor te kunnen vergelijken alleen die is er nooit niet jammer..

  24. Dutch

    Anonyme (verified owner)

    à re tester

  25. Dutch

    Steve (verified owner)

    Mooie topje s

  26. Dutch

    Emilie van Lerberghe (verified owner)

  27. Dutch

    Dennis (verified owner)

    Gut 👍 ne Woche ca.

  28. Dutch

    Nicolas (verified owner)

  29. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  30. Dutch

    Zeki (verified owner)


  31. Dutch

    michele santoro (verified owner)

  32. German

    Christoph Noack (verified owner)

    Super, top Qaualtiät 1+++

  33. English

    Jonathan Preem (verified owner)

  34. Dutch

    Joris D. (verified owner)

  35. Dutch

    Aubin Guichard (verified owner)

  36. Dutch

    jason michels (verified owner)

  37. English

    Dominique (verified owner)

  38. Dutch

    jason michels (verified owner)

  39. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    A very nice high

  40. Dutch

    jason michels (verified owner)

  41. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very relaxing in small doses!

  42. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Arrivée dans un temps record. Très bonne odeur et saveur (terreuse, fruitée, acidulée). Parfaite en soirée pour passer une bonne nuit _/_

  43. French

    jonathan (verified owner)

  44. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  45. English

    Tom (verified owner)

  46. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  47. Dutch

    jason michels (verified owner)

  48. Dutch

    Nadine M. (verified owner)

  49. Dutch

    Sven Joneleit (verified owner)

    Ja den Elefant 🐘 den merkt man so bald wenn er Brent bei jedem Zug aber echt genial und er ist ziemlich stark im Geschmack

  50. Dutch

    jason michels (verified owner)

  51. Dutch

    Benjamin (verified owner)

    Interesting taste 👅 good one

  52. Dutch

    Petra (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure. For me one of my favourites.

  53. Dutch

    benjamin (verified owner)

    top du top

  54. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  55. Dutch

    Alexander Baliko (verified owner)

    Sehr gut

  56. Dutch

    benjamin (verified owner)

    de loin ma préférée je recommande

  57. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good and nice taste

  58. Dutch

    Marcel Almstedt (verified owner)

    Es schmeckt sehr lecker und hat einen schönen törn 😉

  59. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  60. Dutch

    Joris D. (verified owner)

    Un super goût, Super qualité

  61. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  62. Dutch

    Petra (verified owner)

    Great stuff and fast delivery

  63. Dutch

    Wim Schotte (verified owner)

    gemakkelijk te verkruimelen, en zacht van smaak

  64. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  65. Dutch

    Pierre Marcel Almstedt (verified owner)

    Top Sehr gut 👍

  66. Dutch

    Kersten (verified owner)

    Sehr gut

  67. Dutch

    Olaf K. (verified owner)

    Schönes high perfekt zum Feierabend

  68. German

    Hans-Christian (verified owner)

    Ganz okay,Geschmack könnte mehr überzeugen.

  69. Dutch

    Olaf K. (verified owner)

    Top genial für den Feierabend

  70. Dutch

    Alexandru S. (verified owner)

    It was a little to dry

  71. Dutch

    Mg Longeval (verified owner)

    Zeer goed 😊
    Goede smaak goed effect!
    25% THC

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