Ordering weed online

Ordering weed online

Ordering weed online is easier than you think.
Where you used to have to go to the Coffeeshop for Weed.
Order your favorites Weed in just a few clicks.
All our orders are delivered to your home within 1 – 2 business days.


Cannabis (or weed, from the English weed = “weed”) is the Latin name for hemp.
Cannabis, as a drug, comes in two forms, “weed” and “hashish.
Hashish or hashish is the resin, which can range from almost liquid and oily to very hard.
Another familiar name is marijuana.
These varieties are extracted from the flower tops (or rather seed pods) of this plant, at least – preferably
From the female, unfertilized plant (sinsemilla).


Hashish or hashish is a mind-altering drug that can have various effects after and/or during its use.
One can get “stoned” (drowsy and numb) from it or “high” (one feels less inhibited and the senses seem sharper.
it then works mind-blowing and one has a different sense of time and things around him).
Some users feel relaxed, this can be either when stoned or high.

Safely Ordering Weed Online

When you want to order Weed online, you want to make sure it can be done completely safely.
On our webshop you can safely order weed.
Our web shop uses SSL encryption.
SSL encryption ensures that data is encrypted.
We also host our web shop in an Offshore country.
Offshore means that we did not host the website in Europ.
The offshore country does not provide data to third parties.

Ordering cannabis online and receiving it safely at home

Order weed safely at
We vacuum all our products to prevent odors.
In addition, we ship everything in blank envolops.
We also do not place text with weed or hash anywhere on the Envelope.

Weed offers

Our webshop always has great offers in the range.
In addition to a standard 5% discount code, we often give away free Joints.
Check out all our offers here.

Using Weed Safely

When you start using Weed, we recommend that you always consult a doctor first.
If you are completely healthy, you can use Pot safely.
It is also advisable to use weed or Thc prodcutes only if you are not experiencing any problems mentally.
If you are feeling gloomy, Weed can enhance this.
Do you get a badtrip while using Weed? Then we recommend sugar water.

Sugar water against a bad trip

If you want to use Weed for the first time, we recommend having Sugar Water on hand.
Sugar water can be made easily.
Take a glass and throw in 3 sugar cubes.
Let it dissolve with water and ready you bath trip stopper is ready for use.
Once you want the stoned feeling to go away.
We recommend emptying the glass of sugar water in 1 sitting.


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