online coffee shops tested

online coffee shops tested

I’ve been testing out some online coffee shops for you to save you the trouble.
Nowadays there are several website where one can buy weed, Hashish, pre-turned weed cigarettes and THC edibles.
People like to smoke but can’t always go to the store.
Sometimes there is no point in coming into contact with dealers for fear of being robbed.
I ripped myself once.
That’s no fun.
Nowadays there are also many rogue website present on the internet.
I went to investigate and came across a website called
They have a doctor/professional who holds up a weed leaf as a logo.
It’s a nice idea, and it’s going to stay with you.
I have ordered and tested several products on
The following products I have ordered and thoroughly tested for you.

The products I have tested are:
-Canadian purple kush 2 grams
Amnesia Haze 2g
-Kandy Kush 2 grams
-Enemy of the state pre-twisted joint (0.35g)
-Polm hash 2 grams
-Chocolate Bar (High THC content) 150MG

I have listed the results of my THC adventure for you.
I have looked at delivery time, customer friendliness, website presentation and product quality.
These are rated with numbers from 1 to 10.



The delivery time is 1 to 2 working days. I think that’s pretty fast.
I had ordered at 10am and my package arrived the next day at 4pm.
The products were delivered in a discreet anonymous brown envelope with bubbles of plastic.
You couldn’t smell the weed through it and you couldn’t feel it was weed or hashish.
I think that’s a big plus.
It was neatly packed and I even got an extra free gram of Kush weed.
Very generous of the thcspecialist.
If you live in Belgium, it also takes 1 to 2 business days before your weed is delivered.
For countries such as Germany and france, it takes about 7 business days for the package to be delivered.
All in all I was very satisfied with the delivery time.
Also very nice that I can order it and not have to leave the house if I want to blow as there are no coffee shops in my village.
Highly recommended for people who want to be stoned like me but don’t want to cross the border.



I have been in contact with customer service in advance to ask for advice.
They have advised me well and explained about the effects of the different weed types.
Thanks to the expertise of thc specialist, I now know that Canadian Purple Kush is good for my sleep problems.
I also experienced a better night’s sleep after smoking this weed.
Highly recommended for the night owls among us.
I also wanted to know how much thc was in the chocolate bar.
They could all explain this to me.
I also asked which weed was the leaker for an afternoon of bench hanging on a Saturday.
Eventually, she recommended me a Kandy Kush.
All in all I was kindly and respectfully addressed and I am well helped by the staff.



The website is well organized and has a wide range of weed.
They also offer various THC edibles such as chocolate bars with a high thc content, gummy bears with thc and also thc infused honey.
Not many online shops offer that. On the home page you have several cups for weed, hashish, edibles and thc vape liquids that you can click on.
thcspecialist is one of the few online coffee shops that sells thc vape liquids in addition to weed.
Also something you don’t see very often.
Furthermore, all information can be clearly found on the FAQ page.
All questions about payment methods, shipping times, security and advice can be found there.
One can translate the site with the click of a button at the bottom of the page in the Deutsch, English, Français,polski and Español.
This makes the thc specialist user-friendly.
Furthermore, they have a strain guide where you can give a Medical reason for which you want to smoke a weed.
On the basis of this one is advised a certain group of weed species.
I think this is a cool option because not everyone knows about the effects and thc specialist helps the customer with that.
overall I find the website to work well, clear and clear.
maybe it could be a bit nicer graphically, but I don’t think that’s very important when I want to buy weed online.



I have tested different products for you and I will give a small review of my experiences below per product.
overall I thought that all products fell well.
The weed tops were nice,full,compact and crumbled well.
The Hashish was soft and also tasted good.
The taste experience was good.



This weed fell very well.
When I put the bag of weed on the scale, I got to see 2.2 on the counter.
That’s always nice.
The tops had a beautiful purple color and were covered with beautiful full thc crystals.
I turned this one into a nice thick joint and smoked it quietly during a walk in the woods.
I got wonderfully relaxed from this kind of weed.
He’s definitely in my top five strains.
You don’t see much of this kind of weed either.
The Purple Kush comes from a Canadian farm.
Purple Kush is an Indica weed that originated from a cross between Hindu Kush and Purple afghani weed
I got a happy feeling that lasted a long time with a euphoric sensation.
My body became relaxed and my stress dropped
The Purple Kush also offers help to people with painful and people with sleep problems.
Final score I am very satisfied with this kind of weed.



I was very satisfied with the experience.
online coffee shops tested
The amnesia haze from the thc specialist tastes nice and fresh and fruity.
Just the way you want a good Haze to smoke.
I had shot a nice joint and watched a funny movie.
After two hoists, I was all well stoned.
Smoking the amnesia haze was accompanied by an energetic high.
Someone who’s just starting to blow flies right in from space.
I got a stoned from this Amnesia and spent at least four hours crackling on the couch.
I got big laugh kicks about a half after the first couple of hoists.
The feeding kick was also huge.
I ended up ordering only XL pizza and sneaking in within a considerable time.
Amnesia haze is a very potent weed and you will notice if it smokes.

What I really like about the weed of is that it’s all organically grown weed.
Nowadays there is so much cultured weed in circulation with all kinds of harmful chemicals through it.
No pesticides are used on their weeds.
The growers of are against processed weed or weed where chemicals are used because it is harmful to public health.
Their products are thoroughly tested for chemicals and others additives.

Final position this is a nice strong weed.
You might still be forgetful after smoking this Haze



This Kandy Kush tastes deliciously sweet and is full of flavour.
The effect I got from smoking this weed train was a relaxing,uplifting and euphoric sensation.
You get high on this but can still perform the normal tasks.
Great choice when you still have to finish some work or assignments but still want to be stoned.
I went to college for this test stoned for a horing about cubism in the nineties and the influence it has had on post modern art movements.
I was good at paying attention and taking notes. So I was well present without falling half asleep during hearing college.
So ordering Candy Kush weed is a good move if you like to study but still want to be stoned.
It is grown for medicinal reasons because it helps against stress, anxiety and pain.
People with sleep problems also benefit greatly from smoking this weed.
In short, a good choice if you want to experience a pro-active, tasteful high.



This Maroc polm hashish tastes dark with earthy and slight hint of woody accents.
Would you like to be high for a long time with a chilly mellow buzz?
Then the Maroc polm hash is the hash you’re looking for for your blow moment.
This Hashish has a high THC content. This is guaranteed to get you high.
Hashish has a THC content of 23.
most of the most sly species are below that with about 16.
While the hashish from thcspecialist comes out nicely with a nice high THC content.
The delicious sweet hashish smell is penetrating and lingers for quite a long time. A species you should be able to appreciate.
Because of the THC content, this polm is quite potent.
When I smoked this polm I experienced deep relaxation and i also got creative impulses.
I also stylized it like a sleeper because I’m hard to fall asleep myself.
This Hashish is definitely recommended for people who still want to be functional while they are stoned in wanting to unwind and sleep.



I tested the THC chocolate 150MG and I liked it very much.
The chocolate bar with nuts tastes very good.
Chocolate that crumbles nicely and makes that beautiful sound like you’re biting into a magnum.
The chocolate itself melts deliciously in your mouth.
After about 30 minutes I started to notice the effects of 1 square.
I became energetic and had a euphoric high that lasted about 4 hours.
I ended up eating some more chocolate.
I had samurai cop on DVD and decided to go watch it.
The movie itself is bar bad but due to the effects of the THC choco it was the funniest movie I had ever seen
I was all well stoned with one square.
This is also allowed with a content of 150mg of THC.
online coffee shops tested
That’s pretty high.
Definitely recommended for a nice Saturday afternoon or evening.



This joint was nicely turned tight and was nicely full of weed.
usually when you buy a joint at the coffee shop it is completely full of tobacco.
The tip was lifting well. so to speak, an aerodynamic tip.
online coffee shops tested
The airflow was correct.
Also from this joint I was stoned.
The moment I smoked it I was quite tense myself by a stressful and busy day.
I really needed to smoke a joint.
I calmed down wonderfully and all my worries and stress fell away from me.
I felt a bit happier and could look at things from a quiet perspective.
I’m glad a joint can do that for a human.
Especially in the busy contemporary society we live in it can sometimes become a bit too much.
That’s why the enemy of the state pre-twisted joint with 0.35 is a good solution for that.
You’re going to sit down.
You light it up and take some good hoists.
Then recede and feel relaxed.
a nice moment for yourself with a nice pre-turned joint.
Do you want a moment like that and don’t feel like spinning yourself?
Then this screwed-up weed joint is a good one.
I ordered it a few more times after that.
online coffee shops tested
I would also like to see Super lemon haze pre-turned in the range.
I have no further comments or any comments.
online coffee shops tested


I’m a satisfied customer.

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