Gorilla Glue #4

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The Gorilla Glue #4 – All you need to know

Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4), also known as GG1, is perfect for smoking when you need stress or a good night’s sleep! Gorilla Glue #4 not only helps you relax during the night, but also gives you a happy and uplifting feeling. Given its potency, it has become a favorite strain among medicinal users who want an herb for pain, depression, stress problems and many other conditions. Read on to learn all about Gorilla Glue #4.

Gorilla Glue #4 Cannabinoids

Depending on the phenotype

THC content:

ranging from 18% to 25%

CBD content:

ranging from 0% to 1%

CBG content:

approximately 0.1%

Gorilla Glue #4 strain

Gorilla Glue #4 is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain.

Gorilla Glue #4 Terpene Profile

Dominant terpene:


Other terpenes:

Myrcene, Limonene

Gorilla Glue #4 Aroma

Strong, smelly, earthy

Gorilla Glue #4 Flavors

Industrial, pungent, pine, earthy

Gorilla Glue #4 Positive Effects:

Strong, euphoric, happy, cheerful, relaxed, sleepy, hungry

Gorilla Glue #4 Negative Effects:

Itchy eyes, dry mouth, paranoid

Gorilla Glue #4 Medical Use:

Muscle cramps, treatment of stress, chronic pain, depression and even obsessive-compulsive disorder

Gorilla Glue #4 Non-medical or recreational use:

Creative, Sleep enhancement, Focused

Gorilla Glue #4 Additional Information

Gorilla Glue #4 Awards:

20221st placeHigh Times Cannabis CupIndica Flower
20211st placeHigh Times Cannabis CupIndica Flower
20201st placeHigh Times Cannabis CupIndica Flower
20191st placeHigh Times Cannabis CupIndica Flower
20181st placeHigh Times Cannabis CupIndica Flower
20171st placeHigh Times Cannabis CupIndica Flower
20161st placeHigh Times Jamaican World CupIndica Flower
20151st placeEmerald CupIndica Flower
20151st placeHigh Times Cannabis CupIndica Flower
20141st placeMichigan Medical Marijuana CupIndica Flower
20141st placeHigh Times Cannabis CupIndica Flower

Gorilla Glue #4 Genetics

The parents of Gorilla Glue #4 are Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel.

History of Gorilla Glue #4:

The Gorilla Glue #4 is the result of a triple cross, meaning that three strains were used to grow the GG #4: Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel.


Overall, Gorilla Glue #4 is an enjoyable Indica-dominant hybrid with a wide range of uses thanks to its powerful effects. The oily aroma plus the euphoric and stress-relieving effects of this strain make her a favorite among smokers around the world. So next time you’re looking for a new strain to try out, be sure to give Gorilla Glue #4 a try![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”Gorilla Glue #4 cannabis grown organically” font_container=”tag:h2|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text] only sells organically grown weed, we are against pesticides.
Processed weed or weed involving chemicals are dangerous to public health.
All our products are tested for chemicals and other additives.
In addition, each strain of marijuana is carefully tested for quality.
We can say after 20 years of experience that we can guarantee you the best products!

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Ordering Gorilla Glue #4 cannabis is very easy on our webshop.
We ship your order discreetly and odorlessly.
Belgian and international customers can also order discreetly.
All our belgian and international orders are shipped in belgium.
In just 1 or 2 working days the very best weed at home!
Pay safely by bank transfer, or prefer to pay anonymously with bitcoin!
No experience with bitcoin yet? Contact our service desk.

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We only want to sell 100% quality products to our customers, therefore we have all our products laboratory tested every month.
The laboratory that tests our stuff is registered in California and specializes in testing for THC.
This also ensures that there are never any other chemicals through our products.

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In addition to ordering weed, you can also go for others thc products.
We sell hash , weed , vape and others thc products.
We try to offer high quality thc products as much as possible.
Our team is working in the Netherlands as well as in other countries to find new products!
So you can always try the latest trends on our website.
Are you looking for a great product? let us know.

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Number : 5 grams, 2 grams, joint
Contents : Gorilla Glue #4 cannabis indoor
Duration of operation : 3 – 4 hours
Exposure time : 5 – 15 minutes


Additional information


5 g (€80,00), 2 g (€32,00), joint .35 g (€6,50)

Gorilla Glue #4 Cannabinoids

THC: 18-25%, CBD: 0-1%, CBG: 0.1%

Gorilla Glue #4 Dominant Terpene


Gorilla Glue #4 Terpenes

Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene

Gorilla Glue #4 Aroma

Strong, Stinking, Earthly

Gorilla Glue #4 Flavors

Industrial, Pungent, Pine, Earthly

Gorilla Glue #4 Positive Effects:

Strong, Euphoric, Happy, Merry, Relax, Sleepy, Hungry

Gorilla Glue #4 Negative Effects

Itchy eyes, Dry mouth, Paranoid

Gorilla Glue #4 Medical Use

Muscle cramps, Treatment of stress, Chronic pain, Depression and even obsessive-compulsive disorder

Gorilla Glue #4 Non-medical or Recreational use

Creative, Sleep Improvement, Focused

Gorilla Glue #4 Genetics

Sister of Chem, Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel

243 reviews for Gorilla Glue #4

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    Anonyme (verified owner)

    Top qualité

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    Service rapide et la gorilla est extra

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    Marcel Lange (verified owner)

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    Anonimowo (verified owner)

    Great stuff, realy good quality

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    Romanuel S. (verified owner)


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    Anoniem (verified owner)

    Out of stock? Recieved a diesel strain. Not my thing.

  19. Dutch

    Laura (verified owner)

    Werd super snel geleverd! Ik kan hier lekker van slapen

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    Michael Schuhmacher (verified owner)

    Sehr angenehm

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    Anoniem (verified owner)

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    Anoniem (verified owner)

  24. Dutch

    Vivekanand Doebar (verified owner)

    Deliverd in 2days. Was good, but a little bit dry. I prefer it more like my first order, that was a fresh and stoned kicking🙉 Gorilla Glue. Thank you, and see you soon😎

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    Roman (verified owner)

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    Leichtes zischen beim Rauchen das auf überdüngung/falsch wässern hindeutet.nicht so schön vom Geschmack.

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    Excellente, un goût incroyable et une belle longueur ;))

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    I’ll order this again, very nice

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    Nice… actually very nice but only for the night to sleeping helper

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    Kann ich nicht nicht bewerten weil nix angekommen ist.

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    Sven Joneleit (verified owner)

    Auch sehr angenehm und sehr lecker das gute ist man kann vorgedreht bestellen und probieren es passt so wie es beschrieben wird einfach ausprobieren

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    Not realy 32% but very delicius . I like

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    Sem Huylebroeck (verified owner)

    Vanaf ik bij jullie bestel ben ik heel tevreden , kwalitijt tijd van wiet en hasj uitstekend als ook de klantenservice. Bestel alleen nog bij jullie . Een gelukkig 2023 .

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    Très bien

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    Très bonne qualité et goût excellent.

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    livraison reçue de la mauvaise herbe :-p

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    VERLYCK D. (verified owner)

    Puissante et douce à la fois .Qualité supérieure .Merci THC

  109. Dutch

    Alexander (verified owner)

    Gute Indica Sorte.

  110. English


    Gorilla Glue or GG4 is the first legal strain I smoked. Although I smoked it a lot of times since then, this is the first time I’m writing about that particular experience. I was stoked to get my first hit so the high was highly anticipated. No pun intended. It was a stressful day, so I took out my bong and packed the bowl. I took a moment to admire what’s in it. The flowers look frosty and alive with vibrant combinations of light and dark green colors. It smells pungent with an ‘earthy’ aroma and a hint of pleasant sourness. The first puff felt instantaneous. It felt like some love and tenderness was coming from the top of my head going down to my body. I was at peace with myself. Lifted is an understatement. It was a tough day. Good thing I ate before smoking. I passed out peacefully in my bed and woke up to a straight 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Ready to face another day. A must to anyone who needs a restful sleep. It’s good for your back aches too.

  111. English


    If you like sativa and high THC, Gorilla Glue is the right strain for you. If you work long hours, this should be for your day off. It’s cerebral, but at the same time, will make you crawl to your bed. If you look at it, you’ll see green with orange hair. Gorilla Glue has a strong aroma. Smell the buds and you’ll be reminded of a strong pungent fruit. And when you smoke it, it has this distinct flavour you can’t find anywhere else.

  112. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Goede kwaliteit – betrouwbaar

  113. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    very good

  114. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  115. Dutch

    Frederic (verified owner)

    Very good taste and good feeling, perfect to watch your favorite movie

  116. Dutch

    Tomasz G. (verified owner)

    Najlepszy jaki kiedykolwiek paliłem.Tylko dla prawdziwych koneserów

  117. Dutch

    Else Meixner (verified owner)

    Mit Abstand meine liebsten Joints

  118. English


    Customer service is good!

  119. Dutch

    Christophe (verified owner)

    Psychédélique !!! , cette herbe. En thérapeutique et état modifié de conscience.

  120. English


    I was diagnosed with general anxiety at the age of 16. Been on and off different prescription medications until I turned 18 and got my medical card. My doctor told me to look for a strain that’s high in THC. My friend recommended Gorilla Glue and it’s been my go to strain ever since. It helps clear my mind. I love Gorilla Glue and I highly recommend it to people with anxiety like me.

  121. Dutch

    Olivier (verified owner)

    great stone effects

  122. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    1 to 4 weeks shipping to Germany. Okay! Perfect pruduct & communication. Thank you!

  123. English


    I love Gorilla Glue. I only smoke at the end of the day after work, so I make sure I choose the best strain to help me relax and take my mind off things. I prefer bong hits over pipe loads. I love how the bong gives more taste and aroma. Gorilla Glue once you smoke it will slowly creep into your whole body, making you want to lay in bed and go to sleep.

  124. English

    Mike J

    This smells wonderful and tastes like sunshine. I hear people say it’s strong and not for daytime – but for me, I wake and bake to Gorilla Glue. Just one hit in the morning and I meditate after my morning coffee. GG4 is my go-to strain if I need to clear my head. You don’t need to consume large doses to feel its effect. But if you want to pass out and call it a day, then Gorilla Glue will send you off to deep sleep. My wife smokes this for her arthritis. She said it instantly numbs the pain.She’s been off her pain medication since then. It saved her kidney and it saved us a lot of money. This is also the first strain we tried growing, although beginner friendly and growing is fun, our busy schedules would rather have us driving downtown to buy it. Quick and easy.

  125. Dutch

    JAN D. (verified owner)

    Verry nice

  126. Dutch

    michael (verified owner)

    Grosse claque

  127. Dutch

    Kadir Sen (verified owner)


  128. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Très bien reçu, en 4 jours, bien emballé, discret…top.
    Du coup j’ai recommandé une autre variété et par contre déjà une semaine de passé et toujours rien reçu, je garde quand même espoir.

  129. Dutch

    Silvan P. (verified owner)

    Het rookt en maakt je stoned dus altijd goed

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    Samira (verified owner)

    Very good

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    Mirna (verified owner)

    Goede kwaliteit

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    Echt top

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    Jean François (verified owner)

    Tjs aussi bon

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    Bien savoureuse

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    Meg satin (verified owner)


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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good

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    Christian S. (verified owner)

    Quality OK

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Mooi paarse kleuren mindere smaak

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    Michael (verified owner)

    100% Lekker

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    jean michel (verified owner)

    À pas manquer

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very heavy but soft. Better not in the morning 😉

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    Mike (verified owner)

    Top quality

  146. Dutch

    Mike (verified owner)

    Top quality

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    Top nickel

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    Sehr guter Rausch und Effekt

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    Excellent, merci beaucoup

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    Rien a dire , vraiment de la bonne qualités

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    Potent and good, top shop

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    Perfekt!!! absolutly

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    Great Service as always! This one is for creative minds I guess.

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    Erg hoog in THC heerlijk

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    Weeral top!!

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    Top quality. Very satisfied.

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    Topwietje , doet zijn werk

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    Very good product

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    Sevastian P. (verified owner)

    I m sure will be shop again

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    philippe (verified owner)

    a fck good weed

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    Dimitrios P. (verified owner)

    Excellent très bon goût

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good stuff

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality

  166. Dutch

    Marcel corsus (verified owner)


  167. Dutch

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verpakking: Kan niet beter!
    Geen beschadigde jointjes, goed gerold dus zeker TOP.
    Wiet proeft naar de beschrijving vd strain dus ook dik okee.
    Heel zwaar spul!

  168. Dutch

    Kevin Vernimmen (verified owner)


  169. Dutch

    Michelle (verified owner)

    Discreet and quick delivery. Questions are answered rapidly.

  170. Dutch

    Vladimir Petrovic (verified owner)

    Amazing service,super happy?

  171. Dutch

    Kevin (verified owner)

    Very good

  172. Dutch

    Michael D. (verified owner)

    Very gentle smoke and a euphoric stoned, I love this strain :). Very good quality!

  173. English


    I’m an old hippie, I’m used to getting just any weed until strains came out. This one called Gorilla Glue blew my mind. It tastes like gourmet weed. It doesn’t just get you high, but it tastes good too – like a fruit. It tastes clean too. I guess this is what new generation weed is like. Grown and cured properly. Highly recommended – Gorilla Glue is the best!

  174. Dutch



  175. Dutch


    schnell geliefert.

    leckeres gras

  176. Dutch


    begraaf mij in deze rook ah mattie.

    lekker dik gedraaid. love it

  177. Dutch


    Dik in orde
    Jullie zijn correct, altijd kwaliteit, zeer betrouwbaar!! Jullie zijn top

  178. Dutch


    Zeer goede webshop. Eventuele problemen worden altijd rit naar coffeeshop of een of andere wiet verkopende pipo blijft je bespaard. En over de kwaliteit hoef je je ook al geen zorgen te maken.

  179. Dutch

    Illy Billy


  180. Dutch

    sacha R

    thank you gorrila glue, you made me dream

  181. English


    My first time to smoke weed, very chill

  182. English


    Brings back good memories

  183. Dutch


    Geen onnodig gezeik tijdens bestellen gewoon duidelijk wat je moet doen en hoe je kan betalen. was binnen 2 dagen binnen

  184. Dutch


    kaolo goeie bakkeluloe, lauwe naam ook

  185. Dutch


    heeft een sterke geur

  186. Dutch


    Great webshop! Quality weed, especially if you dont like being a coachpotatoe or have the need of some serious painrelieve-options

  187. Dutch


    ik kreeg veel tak in mijn baggy. dat is wel minder dus daar had ik over gemaild en foto’s bijgevoegd. aan de hand daarvan hebben ze mij een nieuw zakje opgestuurd. daar zat bijna geen tak in. goed opgelost en vriendelijk

  188. Dutch



  189. Dutch


    das enne goeie prijs-kwaliteit verhouding maat

  190. English


    Smell great.

  191. Dutch


    ruim assortiment wat plezierig is

  192. Dutch

    wanker deluxe

    bestelling zijn altijd aangekomen

  193. Dutch


    broer deze is echt a sma spang

  194. English


    Right on Gorilla glue rocks yo

  195. Dutch


    echt een aanrader deze shop

  196. Dutch


    ja zeker glue want ik zat vastgelijmd aan de bank

  197. Dutch


    Just had to try it because of the funny name hahaha. Very powerful i got very relaxed and had a chill night.

  198. Dutch

    walker of the Valley

    plezante high, en snel bezorgd. hoop in de toekomst meer aanbieding te zien

  199. Dutch

    Dick Chainy

    awesome joints

  200. Dutch


    goed te doen wietje, kwa prijs aan de hoge kant maar zeker van hogere kwaliteit dan de gemiddelde coffeeshop

  201. Dutch


    Top Qualität! Bring mich jederzeit hoch! Gute Informationen. Die Lieferung erfolgt pünktlich. Du musst diesen Jungs vertrauen! 🙂 Peace

  202. Dutch


    ik heb al 30 jaar last van rugklachten en als ik jullie wiet rook kan ik beter de dag door.
    deze wiet helpt mij wel



  203. Dutch


    Super webwinkel, vlotte verzending en ik ben van Belgie

  204. Dutch


    ma femme et moi commandons cela régulièrement. Cela nous rend détendus, agréables lors d’une soirée libre!

  205. English


    good smoke for my wife for her pain. helped allot

  206. English


    Thanks for fast delivery

  207. English



  208. Dutch


    nice texture

  209. Dutch


    scheelt mij rijden over de grens

  210. English


    Taste is A+++ for Gorilla Glue

  211. Dutch


    I always want to try weeds with a funny name, this one is really good! i will definetly order the 5 grams next time

  212. Dutch


    klej goryla daje mi niezły haj

    420 życia bracie

  213. English


    great my friend. more orders to come.

  214. Dutch

    Ross from Friends

    This weed soothes my severe autism

  215. Dutch


    ik ervaarde deze wiet als prettig

  216. Dutch



  217. Dutch

    Cousin Skeeter

    other websites can’t compare

  218. Dutch


    Lekker wietje dit

  219. English


    Gorilla glue quick hits edition. Now I can order more

  220. Dutch


    Uitermate tevreden met de levering en de manier van communiceren met de klantenservice

  221. English


    want to buy again..

  222. Dutch

    crazy henky

    een prima wietje

  223. Dutch


    Al lange tijd heel tevreden over de service en de producten. De meeste bedrijven kunnen wat leren van deze klantendienst, altijd snel en vriendelijk antwoord op alle vragen. Sommige producten in de lagere prijsklasse vind ik niet zo lekker maar voor ieders smaak en budget vind je hier altijd wat. Ook heel discreet verzonden.

  224. English


    Goodness in a roll

  225. Dutch


    Knetter high van deze wiet. ik rook hem met regelmaat en ik blijf stoned worden

  226. Dutch


    Es hilft mir wirklich bei den Schmerzen, die ich täglich habe …

  227. Dutch


    Altijd bereikbaar, snelle levering, goed materiaal en altijd tot op de gram juist afgewogen!

  228. Dutch


    pålitelig og rask

  229. Dutch


    Top winkel en vooral heel vriendelijk en behulpzaam al meer dan een jaar klant en bij een probleem wordt het snel en correct rechtgezet altijd perfecte wiet (nooit te weinig) heel belangrijk ? gewoon top ik hoop nog jaren klant te mogen zijn

  230. Dutch


    quick delivery mate

  231. Dutch


    Top wietje, lekker van smaak

  232. Dutch


    was goed verpakt.

    Ik kon niets door de verpakking heen ruiken

  233. Dutch


    awesome quick delivery

  234. Dutch


    sweet smoking

  235. Dutch


    zou graag een aanbieding willen zien waarbij ik 6de joint gratis krijg als ik er 5 bestel ofso

  236. Dutch


    Je wordt hier lekker vrolijk van is ook gezellig om met de meiden te doen!

  237. English


    Helps me sleep on bad nights when I have anxiety. just 2 puffs a cookie and a glass of warm milk put me to bed.

  238. Dutch


    Fijne wiet

    ik ga deze zeker vaker bestellen

  239. Dutch


    niet voor niets de specialist

  240. Dutch


    Ik ben iemand die helaas chronische pijn ervaart, dit is een van de soorten die ik het liefst gebruik om de pijn te verlichten en wat te kunnen ontspannen. Vaak kost het mij lichamelijk teveel moeite om naar een coffeeshop te gaan, daarom ben ik zo blij dat ik het hier kan bestellen.

    tot de volgend keer

  241. Dutch


    zonder gezeik gewoon lekker makkelijk te bestellen. FF lezen wat je lekker lijkt, betalen en 2 dagen later ligt het op je deurmat, nou wat wil je nog meer he

  242. Dutch


    Deze shop verkoopt kwaliteit, je merkt dat haar leveranciers hun kwekers kwalitatief selecteren.

  243. English


    I used to grow this at home and it’s the same high. Cheers from Leeds!

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