LEGIT THC VapePen 1000mg with built-in battery

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LEGIT THC VapePen 1000mg with built-in battery

1 Vape pen = 12 full joints

95% (950mg) pure THC + 5% (50mg) Natural Hemp derived Terpenes


Sour Diesel
Strazberry Cough
Amnesia Haze
GS Cookies
Maroc Hash

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This Vape pen has an integrated battery. No expensive vape equipment required and easy to use right away.
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Limonzello 1000mg (€65,00), Sour Diesel 1000mg (€65,00), Strazberry Cough 1000mg (€65,00), Zkittelz 1000mg (€65,00), Trufflz 1000mg (€65,00), Oreoz 1000mg (€65,00), Amnesia Haze 1000mg (€65,00), GS Cookies 1000mg (€65,00), Maroc Hash 1000mg (€65.00)

4 reviews for LEGIT THC VapePen 1000mg with built-in battery

  1. Leonardo Parenti (verified owner)

  2. Amadeusz

    Can somebody help me? I been charging it for a while now, tried to hit and i got 3 times white light. am i supposed to charge it till 100% and then i will be able to hit it or it doesnt charging. Charger is OK i checked it out.

  3. Antonio Stoyanov (verified owner)

    Very good.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

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