KILO Extracts THC Live Resin Vapes: 100% Live Resin

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KILO Extracts THC Live Resin Vapes: 100% Live Resin, Solvent-Free

Discover the ultimate vape experience with KILO Extracts THC Vape, a product distinguished by its use of 100% live resin, which is completely solvent-free.
This provides a pure, unparalleled aroma and effect. The 1.0G Premium 510 Thread Vaporizer Cartridge promises quality and convenience for both experienced users and beginners.

High Quality and Purity


100% Live Resin

KILO Extracts THC Vape makes exclusive use of live resin.
This method preserves the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids at their most potent moment, resulting in a rich and pure flavor.

Solvent-Free Extraction Process

Our solvent-free extraction methods guarantee a pure product, free of harmful chemicals.
This ensures not only better taste, but also a safer and healthier product.

Advanced Technology

High Grade Liquid Live

The high grade liquid live technology in our cartridges ensures a smooth, consistent vapor experience with maximum flavor intensity.

1.0G Premium 510 Thread Cartridge

Our cartridges are designed to be compatible with most common 510 thread vaporizers.
This ensures easy connection and use.

Exclusive Flavor Variations


A flavor explosion reminiscent of the familiar candies.
Sweet, fruity and with a hint of tropical surprise.


The perfect combination of strawberries and bananas.
A sweet and refreshing taste ideal for any time of the day.

Wedding Crasher

A unique blend of berries and grapes, which together create a festive, sweet-fruity experience.

Banana Punch

A powerful banana flavor with a hint of exotic fruits, ideal for those who love a rich, full-bodied taste.

Safety and Recommendations

KILO Extracts THC Vape is intended for responsible adult use.
It is important to keep the product out of the reach of children and pets.
Novice users are advised to start with a low dose to slowly discover the effects.

Enjoy the purity, quality and delicious flavor variations of KILO Extracts THC Vape, and experience an unparalleled vape experience.

Additional information


Skittlez THC Vape: 100% Live Resin, Strawnana THC Vape: 100% Live Resin, Wedding Crasher THC Vape: 100% Live Resin, Banana Punch THC Vape: 100% Live Resin

Live Resin Vape Type

Cannabis concentrate

Live Resin Vape Flavors

Floral, Fruity, Spicy

Live Resin Vape THC

85 – 95%

Live Resin Vape CBD


2 reviews for KILO Extracts THC Live Resin Vapes: 100% Live Resin

  1. Fil (verified owner)

    Very strong,the best vape of all,orderd 2 more

  2. Fil (verified owner)

    Very strong,one of the best vapes i tried,i orderd 2 more,thanks thc specialist

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