THC Lollipop Yellow | 50MG THC


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THC Lollipop Yellow

Named for its distinctive color and infused with 50MG THC, this Yellow THC Lollipop is synonymous with an extraordinary cannabis experience.
Be seduced by the magical blend of flavors and intoxicating power of this THC-infused candy.

An Enchanted Appearance

The THC Lollipop Yellow is a visual spectacle with its bright, sunny appearance.
It is pleasing to the eye with vibrant yellow hues that immediately put you in the mood for an enjoyable experience.
The candy is infused with high-quality THC, and each bite brings you closer to a mesmerizing journey.

A Taste Sensation

The taste of THC Lollipop Yellow is a harmonious symphony of sweetness and earthy notes, with subtle hints of spice.
Every bite is a culinary delight, pampering your taste buds and caressing your senses with the unique combination of ingredients.

A Journey to the Clouds

THC Lollipop Yellow takes you on a journey to higher realms. With 50MG THC per candy, it offers a potent but manageable experience.
The effects subtly balance between a euphoric cerebral buzz and a calming physical relaxation. Perfect for an adventurous time with friends or a quiet moment for yourself.

Made with Care and Precision

At, we take the utmost care in the production of THC Lollipop Yellow.
Our edibles are manufactured with high-quality ingredients and precise dosages to ensure a consistent and reliable experience.
We guarantee that each candy is free of harmful substances and produced with dedication.

Discreet Ordering and Fast Enjoyment

Our user-friendly webshop makes it easy to order THC Lollipop Yellow discreetly.
Our discreet packaging ensures that your order is delivered inconspicuously, and with fast shipping options, you’ll be enjoying this unique THC treat in no time.
Choose secure payments through the bank or maintain your privacy with a bitcoin transaction.

Strict Quality Standards

All of our products, including THC Lollipop Yellow, undergo rigorous testing in professional laboratories to ensure purity and quality.
We strive to offer only the very best edibles to our customers.

Discover Our Extensive Assortment

Whether you’re looking for edibles, cannabis strains or other cannabis products, you’ll find it all at
We continue to explore the market to offer the latest and most sought-after products.

Product Details

Quantity: 1 piece (50MG THC)
Contents: high quality THC infusion
Operating time: 4 – 6 hours
Time to effect: 30 – 45 minutes.

Additional information


1x THC Lollipop Yellow (€5.00), 5x THC Lollipop Yellow (€20.00)

THC Lollipop Yellow | 50MG THC Brand

Craft Cannabis™

THC Lollipop Yellow | 50MG THC THC Content


THC Lollipop Yellow | 50MG THC CBD Content


THC Lollipop Yellow | 50MG THC Flavors

Green apple, Grape, Strawberry, Cinnamon, Mango

THC Lollipop Yellow | 50MG THC Strain


THC Lollipop Yellow | 50MG THC Effects

Relaxation, Anxiety Relief

THC Lollipop Yellow | 50MG THC Negative Effects

Dizziness, Fatigue, Dry mouth, Lightheadedness, Sleepiness, Nausea

THC Lollipop Yellow | 50MG THC Usage Recommendation

Start with 1 or two lollipops a day for a week and expand as needed

THC Lollipop Yellow | 50MG THC Ingredients

Sugar, Corn syrup, Cannabis concentrate, Artificial and natural aroma

THC Lollipop Yellow | 50MG THC Allergens

Nuts, Dairy


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