THC chocolate 100MG THC (€12,50)


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THC chocolate 100MG THC

Delicious chocolate with nuts with 100mg of THC.
Guaranteed a good high with this treat.
Made from lab tested cannabis.
Free of Chemicals

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Delicious Chocolate with THC
Chocolate bar with high THC content
Guaranteed a good high with this treat.
100% chemical free

Made from laboratory tested cannabis.

All the information for eating edibles.

The space chocolate (chocolate with thc) is 1 of the most popular way of eating THC products. This is therefore called a THC edibles. That a chocolate bar may seem harmless, it is possible that consuming cannabis can give an incredibly cool and psychedelic intoxication. Fancy getting rock-hard stoned/high Here’s what to expect when you start eating a delicious THC chocolate

Is it better to smoke or eat weed?

How the body absorbs the substance THC determines how THC is processed. When you blow, the body absorbs THC through the lungs. This is how it enters the bloodstream.

With edible cannabis products from, this is different. It takes longer to digest the delicious space chocolate in the stomach. THC is absorbed in the stomach. Then it passes through the intestines and the THC ends up in your liver. Once the THC is broken down by the liver, it gets into the bloodstream. Because of this, it sometimes takes two hours before the feeling of the THC chocolate is noticeable.

You can get up to 10 hours of nice high from a THC chocolate.

When you smoke weed, the feeling of being stoned usually lasts max 3 hours. With edible THC products like the THC chocolate, this lasts much longer because edible THC products attach to the visceral fats in your body. Feeling stoned for eight to 10 hours is not unusual. In rare cases, it does take is 15 hours. If you have trouble falling asleep, this THC chocolate will definitely help you fall asleep.

Never eaten a THC chocolate before? Building up slowly and gradually is important. Never use more than ten mm of THC, and take about two hours. The next day you can handle stronger doses

What should you think about when eating THC chocolate?

With THC chocolate, it is very important to know the strength of the THC content in the edible. The THC chocolates from are lab tested and therefore always pure. Always use THC cakes and other edible THC products in a safe and familiar environment.
As a result, you are assured of a fun experience eating edibles.

Additional information

THC chocolade 100MG THC Productnaam

THC chocolate 100MG THC

THC chocolade 100MG THC Merk

Kiva Chocolate Bars

THC chocolade 100MG THC THC Gehalte

100MG / pack

THC chocolade 100MG THC CBD Gehalte

5mg / serving

THC chocolade 100MG THC Smaken

Birthday cake, Dark chocolate, Churro Milk Chocolate, Blackberry Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Smores

THC chocolade 100MG THC Effecten

Euphoric, Relax, Focused, Relief

THC chocolade 100MG THC Negatieve effecten

Paranoia, Delusion, Panic attacks

THC chocolade 100MG THC Gebruiksaanbevelingen

With 5MG CBD and 1MG THC per serving, take a bite or two

THC chocolade 100MG THC Ingrediënten

Sugar, Cocoa butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla, Cannabis extract

THC chocolade 100MG THC Allergenen

Nuts, Milk


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