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With the new developments in the cannabis markets, enthusiasts and traders have so many reasons to smile. The two parties can now do business without physical contact.

In the online market you carefully go through the cannabis, then select the best at the comfort of your sit. For every individual, the type of species matters (CBD and THC varieties in species). This explains the difference in effects among the species.


Generally, weed is either used for recreational or medicinal purposes. Rules governing purchase and consumption of weed vary from state to state. For the states that are yet to legalize weed, it’s impossible to order weed online.

In our online dispensary, all the species and their corresponding strains are available. Clear pictures of the species are tasks and posted in our website, to guide you through the selection of your best specie.

Before selection, it is important for you to know the qualities of fresh weed. These traits will vary depending on the purpose you intend to use for. The following are qualities of healthy and fresh weed;

The buds are green in color and not any other. The pictures in our website are colored, so you can easily tell the green color.

Smell is also an aspect of testing quality; this is not applicable for online business though. This can however be made possible on delivery. Just to know, mature weed produces a pungent smell which is more of a diesel smell, all because of terpene content.

Bud structure are tight and dense. Their distribution should be uniform. The pictures show all these before deciding on which to order.

Trichomes; ripe trichomes is an evidence of mature and properly grown weed.


This is an active part of the cannabis plant. It is famous for its ability to curb epilepsy syndrome among children. Over years now, CBD has not been noted to cause any “high” effects on the body. This is why it appears in most diets and supplements than THC. Offered in the following forms; cream, suppositories, E-liquid paste and oil.

Some studies show that it can be used to deal with anxiety, treating chronic pain (commonly among the cancer patients), gaining of sleep for those suffering insomnia. If you have any of these problems, you order CBD and not necessarily the whole weed.


This is a psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. Associated with the “high” feeling among recreational users. Order THC and use it to treat; insomnia, low appetite, muscle spasticity, chronic pain, nausea, anxiety and glaucoma.

It is extracted directly from the marijuana plant. Available in the following forms; oils capsules, edibles, tinctures and smokable products.


Also called marijuana/cannabis oil is obtained from the cannabis plant. Because of its flowering buds, it contains relatively high THC levels hence used for THC oil extraction.

In the lab with the help of alcohol, Resin is extracted from the cannabis plant and then evaporated leaving the oil behind. Its then packed ready for sale. You can order THC oil through our website and get it ready at any quantity.

Buy weed online

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