Amnesia Haze Weed: Cannabis Strain Information & Review

Want to know more about growing or smoking Amnesia haze? Then be sure to read this comprehensive article. A true cannabis connoisseur knows that cannabis is not one plant but a collective name for numerous strains. Amnesia haze weed is one of them. The haze genetics are also found in variants. Royal Haze Automatic, for example, consists of Amnesia Haze, Skunk and Ruderalis. Lemon Shining Silver Haze genetics are also composed in part of Amnesia haze weed. In this review you will read information about Amnesia haze cannabis, its seeds and how to grow it. Not to mention, about the experiences of smoking this popular weed: Amnesia haze.

Amnesia haze seeds

To start at the beginning, what do you need to know about Amnesia haze cannabis seeds? You can buy Amnesia haze cannabis seeds feminized. The genetics consist of the same as the original Amnesia haze weed. Prices for Amnesia haze seeds are comparable to other strains. There are cheaper cannabis seeds and more expensive ones, but it is important to always look at the yield.

How much weed from haze seeds?

To give an estimate of yield Amnesia haze cannabis seeds: outdoor cultivation can give about 650-700 grams per plant. For indoor cultivation, the number is lower. You can speak of a high yield at 600-650 grams. But don’t stare blindly at outdoor growing, as Amnesia haze weed has a longer than average flowering time. Because a longer flowering period is required, more can also go wrong. Especially in the Dutch climate.


Amnesia Haze Weed

Amnesia haze growing

As mentioned, you can buy Amnesia haze seeds and grow them outdoors or indoors. Flowering time is 10-11 weeks. Because the plant can grow as tall as 2.1 meters when grown outdoors, you should take precautions for bad weather. After all, branches might break then. Indoors, the plant grows about 80-140 cm tall. Harvesting can be done in late October when grown outdoors. With the Dutch summers you do have to hope for nice weather because of the longer flowering period needed for a high yield.

What is the breeding process like?

Due to the long flowering period combined with that a warm climate is required, it is good to check your plants often. Due to the high germination rate, the plants will usually emerge nicely. However, the danger lies in the many weeks of flowering time. Cannabis plants will grow during the lengthening of the days. They do need about 10 hours of sunlight a day! The cannabis plant will still grow with at least 6 hours of sunlight daily, but the plants will remain smaller and the yield will be lower.

The flowering period

The flowering period of the cannabis plant begins when the days get shorter. Usually the flowering period starts in late June. Keep in mind your planting period, because even though they show high germination rates, the solstice is necessary for flowering to start. Therefore, for a novice grower, starting with autoflowering seeds may be advisable. These start flowering faster.

Remove male plant

At the beginning of the flowering period, you can tell if you happen to have raised male cannabis seeds. Even if you buy seeds from an experienced grower, you may have some seeds among them that produce male plants or hermaphrodites. It is best to remove these from your female plants. The male and female weed species react to each other. Female cannabis plants will have less beautiful buds when fertilized. Therefore, also watch out for hermaphrodite plants; these plants have both male and female characteristics.

Autoflower Amnesia haze

Are there any Amnesia haze seeds autoflower? Yes the Amnesia Haze Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds is an autoflowering variety of Amnesia haze seeds. This plant consists of a combination of ruderalis genetics in addition to the ancient haze genetics. The growth and 12-week flowering period is shortened to about 80-85 days. However, you won’t get the big yields like with Amnesia haze growing. You can expect about 180 grams with indoor growing and 400 grams with outdoor growing per plant.

For autoflower seeds, this yield is huge. The advantage of autoflower is that you can repeat the growing session several times a year. Especially with a sensitive plant and outdoor growing, autoflower has advantages, there is less chance of a failed harvest.


Amnesia Haze Weed

Mold or insect trouble

When the conditions are ideal, you won’t easily suffer from mold or insects. If the room where you grow indoors has excessive humidity, you may suffer from this. When growing indoors, you must ventilate well. Place fans in your greenhouse if necessary. You can find a lot about this online; after all, you’re not the only one growing weed. Always keep a close eye on humidity and adjust it as the plants grow. Remove dead plant debris. Do this also to prevent insect pests. When growing cannabis outdoors, you have to hope for a dry summer. Lots of rain or high humidity can also give mold or attract insects.

Better abroad

Growing amnesia haze in Holland is a lot harder than in locations such as California, Australia, North Africa and Southern Europe. When selecting cannabis seeds, you can take your climate into account.

Cannabis harvest

When the buds of your Amnesia haze are ripe you can harvest them. Keep in mind that growing requires full sun for the buds to mature properly. After that, you need to let the plants dry. You come across in breeding advice a period of about 2 weeks before you can start trimming. The time in which you do this is important and affects the taste and smell. For immediate use, buds basically need to be less dry than for storage.

THC content

Amnesia haze has a THC content of 22%. This also depends on the conditions of cultivation.

Amnesia haze smoking

You will also be able to find Amnesia haze on the menu in the coffee shop. But what can you expect from the taste and effects? How is the Amnesia haze effect described? A person smoking Amnesia haze cannabis might feel physically relaxed.

Amnesia genetics

The Amnesia genetics is a 70% sativa dominant strain. Sativa genetics indicate that users may experience a high. Amnesia haze is 30% indica, which as users point out can give great relaxation. Of course, whether Amnesia haze lets you experience total tranquility also depends on how you feel at the time. When you read reviews, you can read about people experiencing powerful effects against stress, pain and depression.


Amnesia Haze Weed

Taste of Amnesia haze

The taste of Amnesia haze is described as earthy, sweet, citrusy and spicy. For lovers of lemon, the Lemon Shining Silver Haze could be an alternative. This 75% sativa dominant strain resembles Amnesia haze but has a somewhat different effect. The effect always varies somewhat from plant to plant, from person to person and, of course, also depends on when you smoke.

Is there any Amnesia haze hash?

You come
Amnesia haze
hash is also encountered at coffee shops. Amnesia Hash will mostly come from Morocco. Keep in mind there is a high thc content in the hash. Even if you are experienced, realize that Amnesia haze is already among the strong cannabis strains.

A piece of history

With a 22% thc content, Amnesia haze weed belongs to the strong weed species. A high thc content already says something about the effect. Amnesia haze was created by an American expat who went to cross probably one of the first haze genetics. The result was good sativa-dominant genetics. Those who smoked a joint of this strain could experience a psychedelic high just like that. Many other hybrid haze strains have been developed, but Amnesia haze remains a classic.

Did you know that

Amnesia haze has won multiple Cannabis cups? This strain has won awards. Among others, 1st place in the Sativa Cup 2012 – High Times Cannabis Cup and in the High Times Cannabis Cup 2004. This is noteworthy because of the difficulty of cultivation. These gains contribute to the legendary reputation of this haze cannabis strain.

Popularity is also high. At Royal Queen Seeds, the Amnesia haze seeds are ranked 8th and 9th in the top 10 cannabis seeds at the time of writing. You wonder how one species can be in two places? At number 8 is the autoflower variety and at number 9 are the original Amnesia haze seeds.

Summary of Amnesia haze

With 22% thc is
Amnesia weed
perhaps not readily available to novice users. The effects of Amnesia haze can be described as stoned and high at the same time. The slightly psychedelic high combined with a relaxed feeling can quickly become noticeable. Reviews describe that the effect may be somewhat delayed. Say about 15 minutes later. So don’t smoke too much at once, because after that Amnesia haze could hit like a bomb. It remains one of the strongest weed varieties!

For people who are going to buy Amnesia haze seeds themselves, it is wise to do so from a reliable party. Especially with the normal, meaning the non autoflower haze seeds, this is recommended. The long flowering period combined with the Dutch weather make this plant more difficult to grow than the average cannabis plant.

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